Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Houston

Are you Facing an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce may save parting spouses unwanted stress and financial hardship. An uncontested divorce can be filed when both parties involved have no contest regarding the division of property and child custody and the other crucial decisions surrounding a divorce. Our priority when working with divorce clients is to make the legal process as swift and easy as possible while still ensuring every aspect of the divorce has been adequately covered legally.

Usually, when dealing with uncontested divorce cases, an attorney will represent one party only. The lawyer will process the needed paperwork and appear before the judge with the party he/she is representing. A divorce petition must be filed and a waiver of the marriage citation must take place. Since the divorce is uncontested, the husband and wife may not feel the need for multiple representations. Speak with Clausell Law Firm today if you are in need of guidance regarding your uncontested divorce.

Houston Uncontested Divorce

In order to fully guarantee that the divorce decree is in order and written to benefit both sides of the divorce, you will want to hire an attorney. To complete the divorce process, you must file a petition, sign the waiver and sign the final divorce decree when it is ready. There is a 60-day waiting period in Texas between when you file the petition and when you are able to sign your divorce decree. The waiver is a process that is simply done in order to show that the party that received the petition does not need to be served as in a contested divorce. This saves time and money for both parties. The waiver also denotes that the final divorce hearing may be done without both parties present and does not need to be recorded for legal records.

The first action to be taken is to file the divorce lawsuit by filing a petition. The decree is the final step and provides the information on how to divide assets, debts, and visitation rights. Clausell Law Firm provides skilled legal support for clients no matter if you are facing a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce.

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