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Houston Separate Property Lawyer

A step in the process of your divorce will be dividing property. An attorney can provide the needed evidence in order to show that a piece of property is separate property. If you have property you feel you have the right to retain full ownership of, it is imperative that you speak with a Houston family law attorney immediately. Clausell Law Firm is dedicated to providing clients with peace of mind regarding the rights to their property.

If your spouse is seeking to challenge property agreements that state a property is community or separate and you wish to keep its status unchanged, the firm may be able to assist you in doing that. A thorough investigation may need to be done on property whose status is in dispute, you will want to know that you have someone on your side highly trained and knowledgeable in divorce property settlement matters.

Houston Divorce Cases and Separate Property

Any property collected for the duration of the marriage is considered community property. The only exception to this is a prenuptial agreement made specifically for the property. This is also true for debts. The only property that is not considered community property acquired during the marriage includes: inheritances and recoveries of compensation from a court case. Community property is not necessarily divided fifty-fifty, but will be based on several types of contribution to the marriage. Certain circumstances are taken into account by the court such as the amount of salary made by both, whether the party is at fault for the divorce, and what kind of property is involved.

Debts that are incurred during marriage may be the responsibility of both partners, depending upon the details of your personal situation. This does not necessarily have to be the case and investigating the financial history and contributions of the client can lead to a fair resolution of this matter. Asset and debt division is an extremely complex area of divorce law and if you feel you may be wrongly assigned a liability, it is very important that you speak with Clausell Law Firm today.

Contact a Houston separate property attorney today if you are seeking to retain your property rights during a divorce.