Paternity Issues in Houston

Do You Have a Paternity Legal Issue?

Paternity issues can arise out of various situations. A man may want to establish his parental rights, or may question if he is actually the father of the child, or a mother may wish to gain financial support for her child. Whatever the issues you are trying to resolve, it is important to gain the assistance of a knowledgeable Houston family law attorney to negotiate the complexities of the legal system. Clausell Law Firm understands how sensitive a paternity matter can be and is prepared help you through the process with all possible discretion.

Paternity Issues: Family Lawyer in Houston

When a paternity action is filed with the court, if paternity is contested, the court will order a DNA test to resolve the matter. Depending upon the results of the test, the man is either informed he has no legal obligation or rights concerning the child or that he does. Establishing paternity through a court order allows a father to proceed with a legal action in a family law court to request joint or sole custody or visitation rights.

In Texas, custody is called conservator ship; a father or mother may have sole managing conservator ship, or joint managing conservator ship. This establishes which parent the child will live with, the right of each parent to be involved and the degree of involvement in making decisions regarding his or her child's life, education, medical care, discipline and so on. Clausell Law Firm is well aware that a child will weather a divorce more easily with both parents actively providing love and companionship. A family law lawyer at Clausell Law Firm is understanding about the sensitivity of a paternity issue and is prepared to assist you.

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