Guardianship Attorney in Houston

Concerning Guardianship

Under some circumstances it is necessary to take over guardianship of a friend or loved one. Most people are familiar with the idea of applying for guardianship in order to raise children who are not their own and who are without parents, but sometimes it is necessary for a parent, sibling or other relative who is not capable of making decisions concerning personal welfare. If you find yourself in this situation, turn to a Houston family law attorney for assistance. Clausell Law Firm understands how difficult this decision can be and will navigate the complexities of applying for guardianship for you.

Guardianship Lawyer in Houston

Where an individual is unable to make routine decisions as a result of being disabled through accident or illness, or is otherwise mentally incapable, guardianship may be the best way to care for your loved one. In Texas, applications for guardianship are filed with the probate court, or any court that handles probate matters. To be appointed guardian of an adult, one starts the process with an application that is accompanied by a letter from a physician giving information concerning the condition of the individual that makes guardianship necessary. The court will appoint an attorney to represent and protect the individual's legal rights throughout the proceedings.

Obtaining guardianship over another individual is a complex matter. Each case is unique. A guardian must meet the courts' requirements, which includes posting a bond and taking an oath. The requirements for a guardian of the estate are much greater than for a guardian of the person. Call Clausell Law Firm for a consultation with a family law lawyer who will answer your questions and help you to arrive at the best solution for your loved one.

Contact a Houston guardianship attorney with the firm will handle the complexities of applying for guardianship.