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As a father, or soon-to-be father you are probably well aware of your responsibilities to your child as to providing financial and emotional support, establishing ethical and moral guidelines, providing love, protection, and more. Do you also know what your rights are in the event of a divorce or breakup? If you are facing such a situation or have a question about paternity issues, you need competent representation by a Houston family law attorney who will help you to understand the options that are open to you. A property division agreement, child or spousal support order, or child custody agreement that is unfair may not be in your or your child's best interests. An experienced father's rights lawyer at the firm is fully aware that a father's companionship and guidance is crucial to a child's well being and is prepared to help you in reaching an agreement with your spouse or co-parent.

Father's Rights Lawyer in Houston

A contested divorce should be avoided for a number of reasons. Having children together creates a lifelong relationship whether you are married or not. There will be numerous matters the two of you will need to be able to discuss and agree upon in the future such as education and medical care. In the event that voluntary agreements between parents are not possible, a father's rights attorney with the firm is fully prepared to fight aggressively to protect your rights.

Texas family law courts generally prefer to have parents arrive at agreements on these issues outside of court. When agreement proves impossible or the agreement is clearly not in the child's best interests the court will decide. Few issues are as hotly contested as child custody and visitation rights. Emotions can run very high. Contact Clausell Law Firm for a consultation with an experienced family law lawyer who is prepared to help you.

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