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Consumer Protection Act

Protect Yourself from Creditors

Texas has very specific guidelines regulating what debt collection agencies can and cannot do when attempting to collect unpaid debts. Most of these regulations are set forth in the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act. Under Texas law debt collectors cannot:

  • Falsely accuse the debtor of fraud or other crimes
  • Use or threaten to use violence or other criminal acts to collect the debt
  • Threaten arrest of the debtor, or threaten to repossess or seize property of the debtor without proper court proceedings
  • Make collect telephone calls to the debtor without disclosing the true name of the caller before the charges are accepted
  • Harass the debtor or the debtor's family with frequent communication, by calling anonymously, or making frequent or continuous calls
  • Use profane or obscene language
  • Mail any documents to the debtor that falsely appear to be from a court or other official agency
  • Misrepresent the amount of the debt or falsely claim that legal action has been taken

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