Community Property Attorney in Houston

Houston Community Property Lawyer

During divorce proceedings, property that was acquired during your marriage will be inspected and divided up per a formula that is outlined in law. If you want to prevent being taken advantage of during these processes, a Houston family law attorney may be able to help you. Clausell Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients maintain the rights to their own property. The firm is also able to assist clients whose property is threatened by the legal action generated by their spouse.

Community property is defined as the property other than separate property that was acquired during the course of the marriage. Even if the asset is in only one person's name, it is still considered community property at the time of the divorce if it was acquired during the marriage. Salary, cars, retirement and more are all subject to community property laws and if you do not have an attorney to protect your assets, you may lose half of your ownership.

Property Settlement in Divorce Proceedings

Property is divided into two main categories regarding divorce property settlement. One category is community property and the other category is separate property. Separate property is property that was owned before the marriage took place, property in the form of an inheritance or gift, compensation recovered by the marriage partner from a case, or anything that is exchanged for property that falls under these headings.

Community property can be anything that does not fall under the above categories. Clausell Law Firm can be of great importance in providing evidence to show that an asset is actually separate property. Ensure that you notify your lawyer early on in the divorce process if you own separate property or believe your spouse owes you a reimbursement. Certain factors influence the division of community property such as what salary both make, whether or not one brought about the divorce, and what kind of property it is.

Contact a Houston community property attorney and find out how you can be assisted in retaining your property.