Child Visitation Attorney in Houston

Houston Child Visitation Lawyer

An issue that can negatively impact both parents and children in a divorce is child visitation. If handled properly and with the child's best interests in mind, with the help of a Clausell Law Firm, you may be able to greatly lessen the negative impact in your child and yourself. Texas courts will usually base their decision on the child's best interest. This means the following factors will be taken into account:

  • The child's age, gender, and physical health
  • The state of each parent physically and mentally
  • Either parent's financial status, whether or not they would be able to provide for the child
  • Lifestyle
  • The neighborhood and quality of schooling within which either parent lives
  • What the child wants if he/she is over twelve years old
  • The emotional bond between the parents

The parent who is not given actual custody of the child will be given visitation rights. Visitation laws provide that the two parents have the right to work child visitation schedules on their own terms. If you would like to learn more about child visitation rights and how they apply to your child, speak with a Houston family lawyer today at Clausell Law Firm. We provide high quality legal support to clients.

Child Visitation Right and Your Family

Texas Law assumes that most parents will follow the standard visitation schedule. A judge may decide to vary the schedule slightly as he or she sees fit. Parents have the right to devise their own schedule of visitation if they prefer and the court will almost always accept it. The standard visitation schedule works for most families. It consists of division of holidays evenly between parents and provides the parent who is granted visitation two weekends a month, two hours during the week and one month during the summer. If there is an extended school holiday, the parent's visitation times are extended proportionally.

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