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The court prefers that the recently divorced couple work out custody and visitation rights on their own. If an agreement cannot be made, however, the court will step in and work on the principle of what they believe to be the best interests of the children in question. The court will take into account in their decision the safety and health of the child. This may include issues such as whether or not there has ever been a case of neglect, sexual abuse, or violence committed on the child as well as what parent may have been the person most involved with upbringing and care of the children. In many families, these responsibilities have been shared and every aspect of the children's future must be evaluated in pursuing the best interests of the children.

Texas law works on the basic assumption that most parents who are obtaining a divorce will be made joint conservators. This does not necessarily mean that the child custody will be equally split in terms of time spent with the child. Conservator ship means all of the duties related to rising the child not just time sent with him/her. Examples of rights that may be distributed (equally or not) include: consulting with doctors or teachers. Speak with an attorney at Clausell Law Firm today if you have concerns about your child's future.

Child Custody Cases in Houston

If you are used to spending a lot of time with your child and cannot get used to the idea of not spending every day with them, you may be upset about the idea of merely having visitation rights and understandably so. Usually, under Texas law, the custody and visitation rights are divided somewhat equally unless there is reason for the court to believe that one party is a hazard to the child's well being.

The court can face some difficulty in having to decide the custody between two seemingly good and loving parents. In such a case the judge may inquire further into the way the child was raised by both parents, who has manifested more interest in him or her, and other similar matters. Involving children in custody battles has proven to be detrimental, and resolving these matters quickly so that the least damage is done is an urgent matter. Hire an attorney who can guide you through this tumultuous time.

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